The New Moon in Gemini is exact at 3:44pm EST, moving us out of the solid, slow moving Taurus into the airy, mobile, Gemini. Gemini moon is light, communication is quick, and moves in all directions. This time is best spent communicating, studying, networking, connecting (socially & intellectually). Right now is a natural time for gathering information, weighing it against previous information, & letting go of any thoughts, opinions, perceptions & beliefs that our recent shift in consciousness & heart have rendered obsolete. Think back on the seeds you planted under the New Moon Taurus, April 25-26th, 2017. Taurus New Moon invited us to take stock of your physical possessions, personal finances, and value system. During that time, we were asked to break down that value system and process of self-care down to the basics, so that you could slowly & methodically build on what you have, and reap the fruits of our labor with the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10th, which heightened our awareness of the link between beauty and will, and the transformative power thereof. Now during this Gemini new Moon, an intellectual and emotional restlessness provokes us to find information in places both conventional and unconventional forms and communicate our findings with one another, regardless of color or creed, as well as with our higher-mind , which we will encounter full on, with the upcoming Sagittarius Full Moon. Feelings are fleeting, as are opinions. This is a bad time to allow pre-conceived notions, stifle the free flow of communication. Also, call your siblings. 🤗



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