February 10, 2017, Full Moon at 22 degrees Leo, and Lunar Eclipse.

Inspired by Episode 5 of THE CROWN, 'THE ANOINTING' refers to the most sacred part of the Coronation Ceremony when a King or Queen is "brought into direct contact with the Divine," and thus transformed from Mortal to Monarch.

The Lunar Eclipse at 22 Degrees LEO takes place at 7:32pm EST February 10th. As with all Full Moons, this full moon signifies the ripening of our intentions & efforts of the past two weeks. As with all Eclipses, this Eclipse allows for surfacing & releasing of processes, habits, Karma, tramas, dramas, & emotions our soul is ready to release in order for us to transcend.

In a moment of play (we're talking Moon in LEO, where "all the world's a stage." #jouez!) we are reminded of how the unnecessary weight of self doubt keeps us from our #RightfulThrone. From sharing our TRUE HEART & essential creative gifts with others.

This is a particularly Powerful Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, and fortunately a positive & a Stabilizing one.

The Moon is Full in the sign of The Benevolent Monarch LEO. LEO rules by the HEART, & by DIVINE RULE, given from God. Opposite the Moon, the SUN Shines in AQUARIUS, the Individualistic Rebel-upstart, Visionary & Humanitarian.

When the Earth's shadow separates The Benevolent Monarch & the Rebel Leader , All the #POMP&Circumstance that we hold onto for security, for ATTENTION, because of our own #PerceivedInadequacies is exposed for what it really is: the inhibitor of our own #CreativeEssence & #PersonalPower.

During this Leo Lunar Eclipse, a moment will happen where our inherent greatness is revealed to us. A recognition that your Unique HEART Vibration is the source of our Infinite Strength. That ADVOCATING for and COMMITTING to your Heart/Strength brings you, the recognition your deserve both Publicly and Privately. Your Heart beat is your Creative Force. Be led by it, like a Marching Drum. You will never be as powerful as you are as when you dance your Own Dance, to your own #DivineRhythm.

This Eclipse tells us to let go of anything that mutes or distract from your heart Beat. This #FullMoonLeo reveals what TRUSTING your CREATIVITY, your POWER, your HEART does for the World; It fortifies it with #Love.

Allow all self-conscious doubts to melt away. Accept your Divine Greatness, & the Great #Responsibility that comes with it. Live your Truth, your Love, your Strength Publicly & Privately. Be anointed, accept your #Crown & take your throne.

By @EliseAnmchara, Anmchara Astrology

@anmchara.astrology, #Lunar #Astrology #EliseAnmchara

Copyright, Anmchara Astrology © February 2017.

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